White River National Forest

Let the tranquil perfume of juniper and blue spruce fill your lungs as you take your first step down the trail into White River National Forest. In the spring and summer, the wildflower displays and butterflies will surround you with rich, brilliant colors. Hot pink flameweed, baby blue harebells, and cream white yarrow line theContinue reading “White River National Forest”

Uncompahgre National Forest

Uncompahgre National Forest is home to Uncompahgre (un-come-pah-gray) Peak, the tallest of the San Juan Mountains, and the sixth tallest in the whole Rocky Mountains. The forest covers 955,229 acres- that’s 1,492.55 square miles! With the forest spanning such a wide area, it’s no wonder that Uncompahgre is shared by 8 Colorado counties: Montrose, Mesa,Continue reading “Uncompahgre National Forest”

San Juan National Forest

Places like San Juan National Forest are the reason Colorado is known as “The Switzerland of America,” and, “Colorful Colorado.” Truly, from atop the graceful peaks of San Juan, with views of rolling clouds mirrored by turquoise lakes and fields of rainbow wildflowers, one might mistake the view for the Swiss Alps. This isn’t EuropeContinue reading “San Juan National Forest”

San Isabel National Forest

The greatest attraction in San Isabel National Forest is Mount Elbert, the highest peak in The Rocky Mountains. If that weren’t enough for climbing enthusiasts, the forest also contains 18 more fourteeners. San Isabel and its conjoined neighbors make up over one million acres of central Colorado land, spread out over 11 counties. Those 11 include:  Chaffee,Continue reading “San Isabel National Forest”

Routt National Forest

You can’t talk about Routt National Forest without mentioning its constituents, Medicine Bow National Forest and Thunder Basin National Grassland, because the three lands were administratively joined in 1995. Altogether, the combined 2.9 million-acre land stretches from northern Colorado all the way up to central Wyoming. Fun Fact: The forest is named for John Routt,Continue reading “Routt National Forest”

Roosevelt National Forest

Roosevelt National Forest, located in north-central Colorado, is managed from Fort Collins in unison with Arapaho Forest and Pawnee National Grassland. Because the three territories are contiguous with one another, and management strategies tend to apply to all three at once, the forest service often refers to them simply as ARP. Roosevelt in particular hasContinue reading “Roosevelt National Forest”

Rio Grande National Forest

Rio Grande National Forest is a 1.83 million-acre paradise of numerous habitats and ecosystems located in south-central Colorado, northeast of San Juan National Forest. From wetlands and prairies to alpine zones and desert crags, these woods host what seems like an entire planet’s worth of biomes. It is no wonder that so many animal species,Continue reading “Rio Grande National Forest”

Pike National Forest

Pike National Forest extends across Douglas, El Paso, Jefferson, Park, Clark Creek, and Teller counties. At its highest point, the forest reaches 14,264 feet at its rocky sky-high mountain peaks. You will see herds of deer, playful prairie dogs, and graceful prairie chickens in the lower elevations, and bighorn sheep and pikas as you climbContinue reading “Pike National Forest”

Gunnison National Forest

The counties of Hinsdale, Delta, Montrose, Gunnison, and Saguache all share the Gunnison National Forest, spanning 1,672,136 acres through Western Colorado. The Forest Servie manages Gunnison in unison with its sister forests, Grand Mesa and Uncompahgre. That is why you will often see these three forests grouped together as GMUG. About Gunnison National Forest GunnisonContinue reading “Gunnison National Forest”

Grand Mesa National Forest

Grand Mesa National Forest, the largest flat-top mountain in the world, spans 346,555 acres in western Colorado. The flat top itself has an area of about 500 square miles. It is managed together with Uncompahgre and Gunnison forests, so the three are usually referred to as a single group abbreviated as GMUG. The National ForestContinue reading “Grand Mesa National Forest”