San Juan National Forest

Places like San Juan National Forest are the reason Colorado is known as “The Switzerland of America,” and, “Colorful Colorado.” Truly, from atop the graceful peaks of San Juan, with views of rolling clouds mirrored by turquoise lakes and fields of rainbow wildflowers, one might mistake the view for the Swiss Alps. This isn’t EuropeContinue reading “San Juan National Forest”

San Isabel National Forest

The greatest attraction in San Isabel National Forest is Mount Elbert, the highest peak in The Rocky Mountains. If that weren’t enough for climbing enthusiasts, the forest also contains 18 more fourteeners. San Isabel and its conjoined neighbors make up over one million acres of central Colorado land, spread out over 11 counties. Those 11 include:  Chaffee,Continue reading “San Isabel National Forest”

Ozark-St. Francis National Forest

If you’re traveling through Arkansas, you should definitely have The Ozark-St Francis National Forest on your ‘stops’ list, because it may just climb to the top of your ‘favorites’ list! From the depths of its lighted caverns to the heights of its pond-spotted plateau, this forest dominates the landscape from the Mississippi River all theContinue reading “Ozark-St. Francis National Forest”

Tonto National Forest

The nearly 3 million acres that make up Tonto National Forest are some of the most beautiful in the Southwest. Elevations range from 1,400 feet to over 7,000 feet creating a wide variety of scenic wildlife communities. Saguaro Cactus and Summer Poppies in the Sonoran Desert give way to rich, lush ponderosa pine forests asContinue reading “Tonto National Forest”

Prescott National Forest

Prescott National Forest is 1.25 million acres of natural beauty. It’s a land of desert and scrubland, cold lakes, and winding rivers set against a backdrop of sandstone mountains. If you want outdoor recreation in a naturally beautiful setting, Prescott is an easy sell. The forest is also quite accessible, it basically begins on theContinue reading “Prescott National Forest”

Kaibab National Forest

The unique geologic features, panoramic views and peaceful solitude of Kaibab National Forest can’t quite be found anywhere else. Kaibab is home to javelina, bobcat, cougar, pronghorn antelope and more. This sprawling wilderness is located on the Colorado Plateau, and boasts nearly 1.6 million acres of prairies, plateaus and canyons. The Grand Canyon itself runsContinue reading “Kaibab National Forest”

Coronado National Forest

Coronado National Forest covers over 1,700,000 acres in the American Southwest. The forest hosts twelve mountain ranges which range from 3,000 feet to 10,720 feet. This wide range in elevation contributes to a wide variation in ecosystems within the forest. In turn, these ecosystems support one of the most biodiverse forests in the US. TheContinue reading “Coronado National Forest”

Coconino National Forest

If you want to get to Coconino National Forest from Flagstaff, Arizona, it’s hard to get it wrong. Drive in nearly any direction, and within minutes, you’ll be surrounded by a diverse landscape of forests, deserts and mountains. This display of alpine tundra, sprawling ponderosa pine forests and ancient volcanic peaks is Coconino. Coconino wasContinue reading “Coconino National Forest”

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

The rugged mountain country of Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest make it one of the most special places in Arizona. With high elevation and cool, summer breezes, it’s easy to see why so many people love exploring the forest every summer. For fishermen, the forest is home to prime water. It has over 680 miles of streamsContinue reading “Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest”

Los Padres National Forest

Los Padres National Forest is a swath of wooded mountains in the Transverse Ranges of Central California, touching the coast and stretching inland. More specifically, it is the forest just above Angeles National Forest, separated by California State Route 14. The forest comprises a whopping 1.7 million acres that stretch 220 miles from north toContinue reading “Los Padres National Forest”